4 Secrets To Finding The On-line Yoga Class For You

When you are new to Yoga you are probably going to be uncertain as to what to expect when you first enter a beginner Yoga Class Online. Most people are uncertain about what they should even be looking for in a beginner Yoga class live and in-person. This post will let you in on the four secrets to finding the right class for you.

Secret Number One: Decide on what you want to achieve first. The number of different reasons for taking up Yoga is usually at least as high as the number of new people in a Yoga class. Broadly people will be looking for one of three things - physical health, mental health or spiritual health. All three are important and all three are realistic goals in a Yoga class. Whatever it is you are trying to achieve through Yoga there will be a class and style that is suitable for you. You can research in a library, online or even by asking various Yogi and this will help you find the Yoga that will best address your goals. It's worth actually setting some solid goals and many newcomers are surprised at how willing a Yoga instructor is to talk over these goals with them and discuss whether they are realistic or an alternative may be better suited.

Research the studio or instructor's page thoroughly. If they have a website check that too. Don't hesitate to read reviews or look for students comments on their social media outlets. It is always best to consider both the instructor and location of your sessions. The fact that you are not advised to meet in-person I suggest a phone call not just emails. Have questions prepared for the instructor. Their verbal communication is of the utmost importance as without their hands to adjust you; you will have to rely on strong verbal cueing.

Therefore you want someone who speaks your language. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Don't be afraid to walk away from a specific studio/group and explore some place/one better suited to que you. It is of benefit to both you and the instructor that you speak the same language.

Secret Number Two: Ensure that you are being taught by someone who knows what they are doing.

Surprisingly enough considering the relatively low intensity and the many physical benefits, Yoga has begun to regularly show up on the statistics for sports injuries. Two key causes are identified. Firstly students pushing themselves too fast too soon, and secondly instructors with inadequate training or appreciation of the individual level of their students(large classes are sometimes to blame for this). When you are considering a new class don't be embarrassed to ask your Yoga instructor what their qualifications and background are. There are a variety of styles and each instructor teaches in their own way. You also want to consider the platform and technology needed to participate in their classes. Then line these up with you goals.

Secret Number Three: Sample! Sample! Sample!

Everybody got a free something going on right now; if not free than donation-based which is basically the same thing. These are a good way of getting a feel for Yoga. Instructors will teach to the middle of the room due to the contrasting level of the students. You will also get to see how different instructors teach and get a feel for them and their style. See who speaks to you. You will also have a collective vibe so to speak, but keep in mind that with the natural turnover of newbies this vibe will shift. The advantage of this method is of course that you are not committed to an expensive series of classes and you can get a taster for Yoga and see what types of Yoga interest you. You know like the good old Saturday morning trips to Costco doing more sampling than shopping. You will also quickly learn whether the goals you set earlier are realistic for you, or even too low and need expanding upon. Your next step will be to choose a series of classes in the areas that you found most suitable from the drop in classes. These classes will build on each other from week to week and you may find yourself behind if you miss a week. Secret Number Four: Be aware of hidden costs. I would hope this was never the case but we aint gone be stupid.

Do your research, read the fine print.

Due diligence people. I mean short of any health and/or media waivers there should not be much signage or reading regarding fees. This is the class this is the cost you pay via you get a confirmation it has cancelation/refund information. BAM 💥



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