And when she had weaned him...

It's time y'all. I feel it, I see it. I been saw it. And I am just so blessed to be in it this way, the way I always dreamed. Man o man it is glorious.

The Kid is growing up. He gets himself dressed, has an opinion and wants to learn how to be self-sufficient! I mean he has the desire, I cannot teach that. If I'm honest I am shocked that it is happening so soon. I mean he's a mama's boy and a lot of people feel like I go overboard (I obviously dgaf - nor should you)

While in my quiet time I thought about what that all meant for us on-line. He already has an instagram and while I do monitor it HEAVILY, he has some freedoms and more often than not post his own videos and takes his own pictures. He even takes a lot of mine.

I thought it was appropriate to represent that time of weaning across the board. All of that to say we are back but you 'll be seeing some changes...

  1. The Kid will begin producing content and offering products on his own website. There are numerous reason for this other than weaning; Gives him a sense of accomplishment & ownership. He develops his critical thinking, has the experience of owning a business, the importance of his reputation(brand)

  2. The Kid will being to produce more of his content on all of his platforms - IG, FB, YT and whatever else he comes up with. The drawback of this - it is going to take longer, there probably be less videos, hence his own youtube is the last of the rollouts . The perks - aside from nourishing his creativity, giving him the power of his words, you all get to know him authentically, not merely what his mommie sees.

  3. Mommie, I, will be able to express all facutes of myself a bit more openly and authentically - The Mother, The Healer, The Woman

We are absolutely stoked about all of this. And while I know only more amazing moments lie ahead I cannot front my one regret - I did not enjoy every single solitaire moment of it up until now. That I let life get in the way of life.


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