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This one is totally better in audio only so if you can do it right now click that speaker above or just read on so you know what to do when you get a moment

Begin in a neutral position, lying, sitting, standing it doesn't really matter. You simply need to be able to remain here preferably still for the next few moments to minutes. When you have found your position gently close your eyes and start to focus in on your breath. Observing and not judging it; where does it do? how does it travel? Is it long and smooth? Short and choppy? Is it deep or shallow?

As you begin to become familiar with your breath gradually take control of it. Allowing it to enter through your nose by keeping your mouth closed and exhaling out of your mouth or nose.

If you haven't done so already go ahead and close your eyes. Now let's begin to use our breath as we scan our body. Most of us start with slow shallow breaths so let's start at our neck. As you scan everything in your body from the neck up with your sense of observation not judgement see if there any sections in need of release or love? Are there any sections speaking to you and if so send your breath there. Allow the breath of life to send the energy needed to those sections. With each exhale you will release that stagnate energy and any blockage from that area. Repeat in this area as many times as you need to before moving along to the upper torso of the body.

Your breath will need to travel longer and therefore become deeper. As you scan this area of your body begin to extend you inhales and gently smooth them out. Repeat the process of scanning and start to send your breath to the areas of your upper torso that need it. Stay here as long as you need to before moving onto the lower body to repeat the process.

As you travel lower and lower through the body the breath will need to get deeper and smoother. Take your time, this is a slow gentle process and will not look identical for everyone. The final areas of the body are the limbs. While you scan your limbs dont forget about your fingers and toes. Send your breath to the areas of your body in need, if you can allow it to briefly rest there

Finally do a last full body scan full and be sure to focus on any missed areas. As you gradually resume your natural breath thank your body for releasing the stagnation and dead energy that it has been carrying. Remind yourself that you are now full of love, light and gratitude.

Slowly return to the present moment by gently moving your extremities, blinking the eyes open. You did it. With the power of your breath you have reawakened the dull dead sections of your body.

Congratulations on completing your body scan and remember this tool is here for you anytime you need it.

Shara T.


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