Covid On The Brain : Finding Peace In Covid Times

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So how is everyone holding up? I have seen a range of things as for me and mines we are peace·filled and optimistic.

I have always been blessed with a few traits that could be summed up in Paul's statements in Philippians 4. Paul admits that he has had and been in want. That his life has been full of contrast and through this all he found the secret to life. This secret gave him a peace that transcends all understanding.

It is the same peace I experience now.

If I may I would like to declare that now is a time for God's people; the true followers of Elohim to stand up and out. The world is super thirsty. They will be hungry be ready to feed them.

Now let's not over spiritualize either because right now aint nobody trying to hear all of that. People need and desire practical information that is going to assist them during this time.

I myself will be doing random offerings throughout the week focused on breathwork and homeschooling. There is more to gain than money during this time of economic crisis. While I am in favor of charity I also am aware that people take advantage.

I want to explore this topic highlighting biblical examples of what God's people and God's word say about economic crisis and getting through them.

It maybe time to think outside the box ✌🏽



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