Defeating Self Doubt


You made plans and now the thief is here to ruin them. You know the one that lives in your head and whispers nasty seeds of self-hate and doubt. So how do you not compromise and continue on when you are running around with a live in hater in your head?

Tip 1: Ignore The Hater

Have you heard the best way to kill something is to ignore it? It is the truth not giving something, or even someone (if it happens to be a real person) the time of day will kill it. The only power something/one has over you is the attention you give it. Take your attention back Take your power, PERIOD!

Tip 2: Start A Bullet Journal

It might be wise to do this before the doubts come. Get yourself a pocket sized or purse sized journal (flashcards work too) and write down all the reasons WHY IT WILL happen. Whatever you are hoping and dreaming for reflect on the reasons IT CAN AND SHALL be. Then when the enemy whispers start and you cannot come up with a response in the moment whip out your notes and begin to say those things outloud or to yourself

Tip 3: Breathwork

I know it may sound a bit odd because you already know how to breathe but there are countless techniques and specific breaths to learn. If you don't know any just simply pausing and focusing in on your current breath will help. Slow begin to draw your attention to where your breath is coming in - your mouth, your nose. Then follow it as it travels through your body. How far does it get before you let it out? Do this for a few breaths then intentionally begin to draw deeper breaths through your nose only and send them with intention and love throughout your body. Continue to follow your breath as it picks up any stagnation and negativity along the way and when you exhale picture all of these things leaving your body. If it helps walk (OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME) and leave that ish wherever you are. Do this for as long as or as many times as you need to

Okay yall those are my three tips for combating self doubt. Do you have any tried and true methods? I'd love so hear some, share in the comments!!!


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