Homeschooling Curriculum Year 1


Two daunting words that every first time homeschooling family must face. But it is not just a one time thing it is annual. This is my first year selecting a curriculum for The Kid and I have a confession; my son is what the world calls gifted or highly intelligent which is what made my insecurities emerge. To top that off he has a learning disability of the eyes.

This disability doesn't have an effect on what we learn but more so how we learn which matters when choosing a curriculum.

After much google searching, ig homeschool stalking I rested on what was realistic and practical for US! A point I cannot stress enough.

I knew we wanted to cover the basics SpiritCare (because in my house this is not an option), Arithmetic (including financial literacy), then language arts (reading, writing and communication). For us these are apart of our core curriculum. Subjects we feel are crucial to life not just the classroom.

But I wont front I am new to this and could admit I needed help and a little structure at least our first year. I was humble and began my search for curriculums keeping an open mind and heart. My initial searching left me a little put off. I mean this stuff was EXPENSIVE and a lot of it set in stone. I mean I was finding I had to choose economical with no flexibility or expensive with all the flexibility I needed. Just like most people The Kid is better in some subjects than others and I wanted to honor that. I mean it is one of the best things about homeschooling but I could not afford those price tags. Still I persisted and Yall can I just give God a handclap of praise because I was stressing for no reason at all.

Drumroll please I found Easy Peasy All In One Homeschooling!!! 🙌🏽 Touchdown!!! Not only does this family provide flexibility in the curriculum, there are optional workbooks, or links for printing!!! (The workbooks are way more economical than others I was finding) and the cherry on the sundae THEY ARE BELIEVERS and incorporate The Bible (drop the mic). Oh and did I mention it is donation based.... yep that's right donation based suggested donation is $15 😊. Where they do that at??? At Easy Peasy... But wait there is more!!!! You can add as many kids to your account as you like, customize each kid and they go from K-12. I said a quick Praise the Lord donated my money and made my account for The Kid and I.

I will still be complementing and supplementing this curriculum with my own stuff because there are some things that I just gotta do my way

  1. SpiritCare will be complemented with @youversion, @thebibleproject and yoga taught by me because Ima certified holy yoga therapist

  2. While Arimatic is included I did not see financial literacy and this is not an option for The Kid as his father is just as serious about this as I am about SpiritCare so we will be using @giftedandlit

  3. We will also be incorporating some book series that we like and continue to find things that represent people of color because representation matters

  4. LIFE SKILLS... This is not optional as well; we have planned projects and workshops with entrepreneurs and family members to help The Kid learn various trades and skills such as building, gardening, etc...

So that is what it's lookin like for us this year. Wish us luck folks Im excited for the school year to start this October. Yep October, we went for a year around or annual schedule for The Kid and I. I'll share more about that next week.

Happy Schooling,

Shara T & The Kid



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