Selecting A Homeschooling Schedule


When I thought of homeschooling and scheduling I just automatically assumed I would mimic the county or city school schedule. I honestly never considered doing anything else, until I was researching the laws (a topic we will discuss later).

It states that your child has to go to school a total of 180 days out of the year. It doesn't state how long those days need to be just that many days. I turned over our options, follow the school districts schedule, or come up with our own.

Now y'all know The Kid and I are all about flexibility and having our freedoms so it was a pretty easy choice. We were going to try out an annual schedule and here are our reasons why


This schedule gives us more wiggle room in my opinion. While the number of days of scheduled learning are the same the way the calendar is set up allows for more flexibility for the family. So if The Kid or I gets sick we have that wiggle room


It only seemed more practical to use an annual schedule for us because we kind of already do this. We have always supplemented learning in our home even before The Kid went to school we had educational activities and games we played almost daily with him. This way things don't really change and since we are schooling year round The Kid's schedule can be fairly consistent which brings me to our main reason.


When we hear continuity we normally think of healthcare, but it applies to everything. Consistency and continuity are the lifeblood children (and adults) thrive on. So for us it only made sense to reduce the gaps that following the school districts schedule imposes. I mean summer break without structured learning for 3 months is a bit much and it is not realistic when preparing a child for the real world. I mean what job, career or business gets 3 months off annually that only works 5/days a week 4-6/hours a day for the other 9 months of the year. None that I can think of that would fully support my son. If you know of any let me know

What exactly is our schedule? Starting October 5, 2020 we will begin our '1st' Grade 20/21 School Year and operate 3 weeks on 1 week off with a little more time for winter and spring. To be honest we are never really off just less structured in our approach.

These weeks will allow for more trips, family visits, life skill focuses and building out his entrepreneurial spirit.

We'd love to hear what you all are doing this year and how it is working for you!!

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