Spiritually Speaking: Our Feet Our Foundation

Updated: Feb 10

As discussed in the original post Our Feet Our Foundation, the primary function of the feet are to serve as the foundation of the body. Our feet, a fraction of our bodies mass carries the weight of it all. Our feet also play a major role in our body's alignment and steadiness; both influence our timetable and condition of arrival.

Since so much is riding on them perhaps we should take time to invest in the care of them and care for them well. To do this we must educate ourselves on their anatomy and learn from the pathologies of others

Spiritually Speaking

Our feet are our beliefs. Just like our physical feet these beliefs are the foundation of our spiritual bodies. While our spiritual bodies may be housed in our physical one it is in a world of its own. Battling things that the physical cannot. Knowing this we should take care of it as well.

Our spirit has an anatomy all its own and its development is influenced by our internal and external environment. Since my beliefs are biblically based so will my perspective be when Spiritually Speaking.

This brings me to the foundation to my spiritual body, or the Anatomy of Spiritual Feet - That Word! Yep the Holy Bible, The Good News, The Gospel, The Good Book.

The Bible has two main sections that consist of 66+ books depending on which version (not translation) you are consuming. Breaking The Bible down has taken teams lifetimes, heck generations so I won't attempt. Two awesome FREE resources are @youversion and @thebibleproject to learn more

Imagine you are barefoot standing tall and strong, feet hip width distance apart, spine erect, shoulders back and dropped, chin leveled and gaze forward. You're steady and fine. Now imagine a ball is placed under your two feet. How are you standing now? Do you regain your balance and the loss of your harmony? Now remove the ball and picture a book. Closed you may have the same issues as with the ball though not as intense do to the books flat surface. Now imagine it opened, enough space for each foot, actually becoming a cushion between you and the floor.

The ball is the world

The book is the word

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The Influence of The World

In The World Not Of The World

Just as binding of the feet has a hideous background that to us civilized folks seems barbaric, binding of The Word does as well. I know that we think because people are not being imprisoned or killed for preaching The Gospel that all is well. That there is freedom for the believer but is there. Or have we just like with our feet subscribed to a milder version of the same thing. One that no longer requires brute force to inflict rather is self-inflicted in small doses on a regular basis. The result the same and the efforts way less.

Yes we too are binding The Word, stunting the growth of the Body and causing misalignment, chronic pain and more to run rapid about. We do this in a variety of ways, but all are foolish attempts to blend in with the culture and leave no man behind (both ideas are completely unbiblical)

Shoes are the barriers to the world, they are the fences we put up to keep us spiritually safe. They are our weak unbiblical attempts to control the spiritual experience. All of which is