Starting Fresh: Not Just A New Years Thing

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While the calendar tells us that mid-winter is the start of the new year, nature shows us something completely different. With Spring we experience the transition from our 'darkest' season winter to longer days and more light.

This year Spring has an even bigger implication to new starts as a lot of our nation considers opening all the way up; like a teenager in love on prom night. Regardless if 'outside' opens wide up again for us or not.

Nature is. She is beginning to bud. Before she does those she needs to release and cleanse. You see after the dead of winter (death) we must shed the old (release) and cleanse to reveal the new.

While Spring is evidence of the possibility of a new beginning it is just that; the evidence of a possibility. The harvest of our intentions set this Spring will only truly be evident during our Autumn's harvest as we prepare for another Winter rest. The work we put in mid-Spring through Summer, is what will determine that Autumn harvest.

This Spring we will continue to revisit this idea of sowing seed and learn to apply the principles of nature to our daily lives.

Spring Collections

“The Rose is without an explanation; She blooms, because She blooms.”

– Angelus Silesius

Our Blended Rose will be featured in our Perfect Pucker Lip Scrub this Spring

Our Baby Blue White Rose will be our stand alone Tea Oil this Spring

Our Sweet Red will be our roll on this Spring

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