Three Tips To Keeping Your Sanity While Keeping All The Balls In The Air


As a work from home mother trying to do it all I found myself struggling to keep all the balls in the air.

I would either be dog tired or have neglected something/someone trying to ensure that every single things was done right and on time.

I was seeing all of these other women do it so what was I doing wrong? Why couldn't I keep all the balls in the air and look fabulous while doing it?

After months of feeling like a big-time looser I sat down and stopped feeling sorry for myself and said Shara women have been doing this for decades upon decades you're over complicating it! And you know what I was.

Here are my Top 3 Tips To Keeping Your Sanity While Keeping It All Running

Tip 1: Let Go Of The Idea Of Perfection

Yes let it go sis. Some days the house wont be all the way clean. Some days they'll eat some junk food or take out. Some days your make-up, hair or outfit wont come out like you imagined. Let that ish go and keep going. Because 10 years (heck 10 months) from now it wont even matter. The house will get dirty again as it always does, the kids will be fine having one 'bad' meal and nobody will remember that bad hair day unless you keep bringing it up

Tip 2: Own Your Time

Take full ownership of your TIME. Yes it is the one thing you do not get back and you must use it wisely. You have to decide what you are going to do and when. I cannot go with the flow but if that is working for you then keep doing it and leave me some tips. But this mama right here has to schedule. I schedule my tip and I leave wiggle room. Having a child under the age of 25 requires me to leave wiggle room because guess what he aint always no angle and some days we deal with tantrums just like everyone else. When I leave cushions I am able to not get even more frustrated because I know that I have that breathing room to breathe.

Tip 3: Prioritize Prioritize Prioritize

This kind of ties in with tip 2 but you have to know your priorities first because that will determine what gets your time. What is the most important to you and your family? What absolutely has to get done this today? this week? this month? Establishing your priorities up front will make it easier when choosing what you give your time to

Bonus Tips

Tip 4: Stop The Comparison Game

Yes please stop looking at all of the fabulous pictures on instagram with all of the wonderful captions. Remember people only show you what they want you to see. Comparison is the thief of your joy and we do not know what goes on behind glass doors. You're not them and they aint you. Be grateful for where you are with you and yours. So just stop it - trust me you will thank me later

Tip 5: Automation & Delegation

Anything you can automate or delegate DO THAT. If it would take you more time and money to do it yourself than to delegate or automate it and it is good enough then...Yeah it may not be how you'd do it but your time is valuable.

I hope you remember you're not a machine and it is okay to not be picture perfect everyday. Becausing being apart of the perfect moment is so much better than capturing it.


Shara T



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