Top Easy Ways to Feel, Look and be Healthier

Improving your health and fitness doesn't have to be hard work.

Sure, building an athletic, cover-model body is not easy. But if your objective is simply to feel a little healthier, look a little better and put a bit of a spring in your step, then you have plenty of simple options.

And in fact, knowing these easy hacks to improve your wellbeing is actually crucial when it comes to getting that killer body too.

Why? Because a making these changes can give you the energy and the ability you need to make the bigger changes. These are those first small steps that make everything else possible.

Here are some good places to begin

Swap All Your Drinks for Water

Recent studies suggest that swapping all your drinks for water can make huge differences to your energy levels, your weight loss and even your mental focus. The reason for this is not only that you'll be putting fewer empty calories into your body, but also that you'll be increasing your metabolism to burn fat at a faster and more efficient rate.

Get More Sleep

What could be easier than lying in bed longer? As it happens, this is actually one of the very best ways to burn more calories and will also help you to wake up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated, ready for the day ahead! If you do have trouble sleeping don't feel bad. You're not alone.

A few quick tips; no electronics, if you can read, listen to soft music, dim the lights, try a warm bath and herbal tea to prepare the body for bed. Nothing however is as good as a predictable routine. Both the body and the brain will thrive and form in regular health habits that we implement routinely into our lives.

One special note... you might not be a day time person. You might be part of the nocturnal population and that is okay. Knowing this allows you to prepare. Perhaps you don't have a lot going on in the morning but you stay up later in the the evening. Try working with yourself if you can.

Walk More

You can burn a huge number of additional calories by walking. There are countless opportunities to incorporate more walking in our day to day, to and from work, or just getting off your bus a stop later, in your local neighborhood.

This will not only burn calories but also help you to increase your physical fitness and to improve your resting heart rate. A lower resting heart rate means that you'll feel calmer and less stressed and will reduce your chances of developing heart disease and other serious issues.


Okay, so getting into the habit of meditation isn't easy per-say, simple but not easy.

Doing it for just five minutes a day is a much easier habit and something that there's really no excuse not to do. And the benefits of this practice are absolutely huge so it's time you gave it a try! Set a timer for five minutes before you start your day and tackle the day ahead calmer, happier and more focussed. Close our your day burden free, the next day planned, light and ready for a peaceful nights rest.

Supplement With Vitamin D

Recent studies show that this is more effective in combating colds and flus than some vaccinations! I'm just say.

While it is true most food sources of vitamin D are animal-based. The only vegan food that naturally contains a decent bit of vitamin D is mushrooms. And if you can find mushrooms that have been exposed to ultraviolet light which supercharges their vitamin D content), then you're set.

The only other significant vegan food sources are those that are fortified with vitamin D, which means vitamin D is added during processing. Several vegan foods may be vitamin D fortified, including:

  • plant-based milks like soy or almond milk

  • cereal

  • orange juice

Just check the label before buying to ensure that they're fortified. Also, fat-soluble vitamins are a little easier to absorb if you eat them with a source of fat, so make sure to pair your vitamin D foods with healthy fat sources like olive oil, avocado, nuts, or seeds.

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