Your 4oz Herbal Blend can be used for soaking, smoking or sipping you choose.


Either way we will blend to your choosing or select from one of our predesigned mixes.  If you customize please make your selection in the notes portion of your order.


Herbal Blends

  • Although some people do use herbal smoking blends as they lessen their dependence on tobacco or use them sparingly on occasion for other purposes, smoking is not a healthy practice in the long term. Extracts, teas, and other herbal preparations are more appropriate for general use because they don’t carry the risks that smoking does such as carbon monoxide exposure and tar buildup in the lungs.

    Some herbs with a historical record of use in smoking blends may be problematic from the perspective of modern safety standards, while other herbs may be too irritating to use or have other contraindications, so it’s also important to make informed decisions about which herbs are included in your herbal smoking blends.


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