Wrist Rollers Filled With Our Seasonal Tea Oil


Our Tea Oils are a single or blend of organic carrier oil(s) slow steeped with flowers, peels, essential oils, herbs or a combination of to produce an exquisite scent and endless healing properties.


Though the names hints of its use on the wrist the rollers can be applied to any part of the body - the neck, between/under the breast...


Wrist applications makes taking whiffs throughout the day convenient.   


Winter 2021 Scent - Eucalyptus Coconut


Wrist Roller

  • It is always wise to do a patch test to an area of your skin to ensure you do not have any sensitivity to the ingredients.  


    Apply a small amount to a quarter size area of your skin and wait at least 24 hours to see if there is any reaction.  If you do have one do not continue use.

  • Intentional Small Batches Made With Organic Local Seasonal Ingredients means that each season is different and once something is sold out there is no guarentee it will return.  Please keep this in mind when ordering. 

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