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Our Values


The importance of community has become emphasized during these times and our Private Homeschool Pods allow for children to still engage socially with their peers and community influencers & leaders.


Practical life skills are weaved into our daily learning.   We know the value of a good education is only multiplied when the person with the knowledge has the common senses required to apply them.


We promote self-exploration and expression.  We believe a healthy self-identity and the capability to articulate it to the world are vital if we are to be apart of healthy communities.

Our Approach

Riley’s Rules is a Community-based Boarding School located in View Park, CA offering a robust education that includes practical life skills and emotional wellness. 

Life is the teacher.  We are the guides.


What We Teach

Our basic curriculum include the following but how and when is subject is taught is to the discretion of the each individual Pod and is based on the educational style of the children in attendance.


Art is used to develop healthy expression and confidence of self.  It is used to enhance both our community and individuality values.


Practical life skills are weaved throughout the curriculum and give children the opportunity to develop self confidence and interdepence.


Movement is used as a form of self expression and physical activity.  Children are required to participate in some form of movement daily, unless they are unable.


Language is incorporated at all levels of our children's curriculum and is one of our peer learning subjects.


We teach to stretch your child and will structure the curriculum to help them digest the information best.  


We believe in cultivating the whole child and take a preventative approach to health.  Your child's is given life tools to care for their spiritual, mental, physical & emotional wellness

Community Based Childcare, Homeschool & Boarding

email: rileysrules@sharatiffani.com

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