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It is our goal to get you doing more of what you love, by doing less of what you don't.

We love helping solopreneur and small business owner


Dominate in Data

Master Management

Succeed in Systems

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Data Domination

We will review your current data banks and craft a plan for you to utilize your data in ways that align with your brand/company goals.

Starting at $250


Management Magic

We will review your and your management teams styles and design a plan that aligns with your brand/company goals.

Starting at $250


Successful Systems

We will analyze your current systems and outline a plan to ensure your systems are helping you reach your brand/company goals.

Starting at $250


Administrative Assistance

Front and back office task are offered on at an hourly rate.  Task are including but not limited to:

. errands

. phone calls

. composing correspondence

. scheduling media content


there is a rush charge for

projects needed urgently

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